Cheap Web Hosting Selection, 5 things you should know ?

You can’t browse today without running into some cheap hosting reference, there are many cheap web hosting packages online being offered, but with so many options to choose from, it makes cheap Internet hosting a totally confusing topic. This may seem confusing to you, but it is actually costing many online marketers headaches, many of… READ MORE

What is VPS Web Hosting ?

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual private server, in simple words they are virtually separated Tiny Server of one huge dedicated server with higher end hardware configuration in which each of the tiny virtual server can have its own OS, Root access and security rules. So you will ask whats the benifit of VPS Server… READ MORE

what is Managed Web Hosting?

With the search for a web hosting provider, customers often get baffled between the options and features offered by web hosting companies. However, the most important feature that you should be aware of while choosing web hosting plan is managed web hosting. What is Managed Hosting? A managed hosting can be stated as the server… READ MORE