what is Managed Web Hosting?

With the search for a web hosting provider, customers often get baffled between the options and features offered by web hosting companies. However, the most important feature that you should be aware of while choosing web hosting plan is managed web hosting. What is Managed Hosting? A managed hosting can be stated as the server… READ MORE

What is Reseller Hosting ? does it helps to cut down Web Hosting cost?

A Reseller Web Host is the one who sells web hosting space to their personal customers, from the space which they have purchase from their existing Web hosting provider ( mostly established Web Hosting provider) it can be a dedicated Server or reseller Hosting package. Whats the Benefit of Reseller Hosting? Its the most common… READ MORE

Paid Web Hosting , why its worth?

Paid Web Hosting , why its worth?

WebhostUK offers peerless Paid Web hosting services for the customers interested in more hosting resources for their small websites, mid-sized websites or corporate websites, we have solutions for all your web hosting requirements. All our paid plans include premium hosting features such as control panel, webmail, automatic script installer, PHP, MySQL, PostgeSQL, MSSQL, ASP, ASP.NET,… READ MORE