Cheap Web Hosting Selection, 5 things you should know ? - Free UK Web Hosting

February 3, 2014

You can’t browse today without running into some cheap hosting reference, there are many cheap web hosting packages online being offered, but with so many options to choose from, it makes cheap Internet hosting a totally confusing topic.

This may seem confusing to you, but it is actually costing many online marketers headaches, many of which could have been avoided if they knew what to look for.

That is why I created this report to help you figure out the 5 things you should know before choosing a cheap hosting package:

1) Required Bandwidth

This is the most important aspect of your business, if you exceed bandwidth your web host will shut you down without warning. Well, that actually happened to me and I must say, I could have avoided that if I knew how to calculate my bandwidth.

Formula for bandwidth per day: Total bandwidth = page views * visits per day * page size

If your site get 100 visits per day, 2 page views per visit and site size of 35 KiloBytes: Total bandwidth = 100 * 2 * 35 = 7000 KB = 7 MB (Megabytes) Per month: 30 * 7 MB = 210 MB (2.1 GByte)

You can host this site with a 5 GBytes cheap web hosting package, you will have enough bandwidth to host a small site, with considerations for expansion a 10GByte package would be sufficient. But, why pay for only 10 GB, while you can get 250GB for the same price, with a multiple domain name hosting plan.

We are referring to transfer bandwidth, don’t confuse that with storage.

2) Multiple Domain Names

Now, this is where the web hosting provider offers a cheap hosting package and adds multiple domain names to the deal, you go wow, but that’s the trap, you go and divide up your hosting, and then when you least expect it, your account exceeds bandwidth.

To avoid this you need hosting packages that has over 100 GB of transfer bandwidth to be able to host a minimum of 5 domains. For more domains you will need a much bigger package.

3) Unlimited Domain Names

This is just a catchy phrase that web hosting providers use to lure you in, it makes no sense going for unlimited domains when your transfer bandwidth is just 10 GB or 50 GB, that is just a rip off.

Stay clear of those, they are not trustworthy.

4) Unlimited Bandwidth

No web hosting provider would be able to stay in business if they were to offer each client a unlimited cheap hosting package for just 1.25 GBP per month.

They are hoping for many sign-ups, just to balance the distribution, but if your web site really uses much bandwidth, they would easily shut you down, because your costing them money.

5) Storage

I must say, I have never seen anyone exceed the storage for any hosting account, but if your into video or mp3, then you will need o make sure your web hosting provider has adequate storage space available.

You know experience is the master at learning what works, and what doesn’t, should you do encounter a bad deal, don’t mope, go do your own research and find a better host.

This report shows you exactly what to look before choosing cheap hosting, take your time and analyze your needs, but I recommend going with cheap Internet hosting provider that has more then enough bandwidth for your future growth.