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April 26, 2013

A Reseller Web Host is the one who sells web hosting space to their personal customers, from the space which they have purchase from their existing Web hosting provider ( mostly established Web Hosting provider) it can be a dedicated Server or reseller Hosting package.

Whats the Benefit of Reseller Hosting?

Its the most common question whats the benefit of reseller Webspace that you purchase from your web hosting provider.

Let me point you the best points of Reseller Hosting :

1) First and most important it reduces your cost to buy different shared Hosting packages for your customer.

2) Help you modified things for customer directly(best for Developers) As you have full access to the webspace you provider to your customer it gives you extra admin right to help your customer manage his account.

3) Earning Recurring revenue : with Website development or application development, Resellers can also add Web Hosting as a additional feature and charge the customer monthly or annual Web Hosting charges , which can be your good additional earning.

4) Trust building : Being a webdesigner and Web-developer if you even manage there webspace , that can build your customer relation and can even give you more business.

5)Server Security : Most important is you don’t have to monitor server security or the server 24/7/365 day you have your webhosting provider taking care for you. So that reduces your staff maintenance charges.

So Now how do I setup my own Reseller Hosting?

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