What is VPS Web Hosting ? - Free UK Web Hosting

January 30, 2014

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual private server, in simple words they are virtually separated Tiny Server of one huge dedicated server with higher end hardware configuration in which each of the tiny virtual server can have its own OS, Root access and security rules.

So you will ask whats the benifit of VPS Server and Why should I purchase VPS hosting ?

When the whole World is going online website and website apps are becoming a part of our day today life. This websites on hosted on online server, with different types of hosting like shared hosting , VPS hosting ,dedicated Server and cloud Hosting.

When your site is expecting huge traffic you will require higher bandwidth , in that case shared hosting wont help you much, you will have to host such high traffic websites on VPS server, this can be the prime reason to host on VPS as shared hosting can let down your website performance.

Second reason would be On shared server you cannot maintain the security for malware infections or problems like spamming as your website is sharing resources with many other shared hosting websites. On VPS you get dedicated resources with root access which can help you to set your own security rules and also add website monitoring tools.

Third very important factor is cost, VPS are costlier than Shared hosting but for high resources server you will have to pay more, it still reduces your costing as you dont have to purchase dedicated Server which are almost double to triple price of VPS.

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